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United Auto Workers Divided Over Biden Endorsement

As previously reported by Americans for Fair Treatment, United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain endorsed President Joe Biden for reelection without membership input. That decision has since created waves within the rank-and-file members of the UAW, including Arab-Americans, who have engaged in “wildcat” work stoppages over Israel in the past.

On Wednesday, January 24, 2024, Fain announced Biden’s endorsement at the UAW National Community Action Conference in Washington DC, only to be interrupted by shouts of “ceasefire now,” from UAW members in protest.

Leading up to the endorsement, hundreds of rank-and-file UAW members had signed a petition, pressing union leadership to only endorse candidates that are publicly and vocally supportive of a ceasefire. In December of 2023, the UAW International Union endorsed a ceasefire in Gaza. Soon after, Fain himself joined a group of lawmakers outside of the state Capitol to demand a ceasefire.

Now, members say Fain’s actions feel dissonant and disconnected from members’ principles.

Despite assurances from Fain that “the UAW knows where we stand, and who stands with us — Joe Biden,” the union did not ask rank-and-file members prior to announcing the endorsement.