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AFFT member speaks at School Board Summit

AFFT connects members with opportunities to develop their professional skills outside of union-provided opportunities. One of our members, Yolanda Lemon, recently wrote about her experience at the Noah Webster Educational Foundation School Board Summit. Not only was Yolanda able to attend the Summit, but she spoke on a panel, providing the much-needed but oft-ignored perspective of a classroom teacher when discussing topics like teacher shortages and school board policies. You can read more about Yolanda’s experience below: 

The opportunity to participate in the Noah Webster Educational Foundation School Board Summit ’24 was an experience that has undeniably left an indelible mark on my professional journey. 
The summit served as a transformative platform, enabling a meaningful exchange of insights among dedicated educators and esteemed school board members. What resonated with me deeply was the chance to illuminate the intricate realities of being a schoolteacher within the public school system. I sought to emphasize the profound influence these leaders wield in effecting positive change, sharing perspectives on purpose and calling and emphasizing the pivotal role each board member plays in shaping the educational landscape. 
Tackling critical topics such as preventing teacher shortages, refining policies, attracting top-tier talent, and implementing effective hiring practices, including the importance of teachers articulating their passion and vision for education, was a central focus of my contributions. My ultimate goal was to inspire and encourage our education leaders, fostering a collective commitment to the continual enhancement of our education system. 
The honor of contributing to this influential gathering, comprised of current and retired school board members, superintendents, attorneys, and professionals in mental health and medicine, was truly humbling. The camaraderie among attendees and the diverse perspectives shared infused the conference with a unique enrichment. I was privileged to engage in discussions highlighting the significance of cultivating a passion for learning among students, the evolving role of technology in education, and strategies to nurture a supportive learning environment. 
The positivity and shared enthusiasm for driving change created an environment conducive to meaningful dialogue and collaboration. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continued contributions toward the advancement of our educational landscape. 

Americans for Fair Treatment

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