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AFFT in The Federalist: Pennsylvania Musician Opposed To Funding Lefty Causes Challenges Forced Unionization

Americans for Fair Treatment Senior Communications Director Isabel Blank was quoted by The Federalist:

Isabel Blank, senior communications director with Americans for Fair Treatment, said, “The fact that the American Federation of Musicians could receive all the benefits of collective bargaining with a public employer while being shielded from having to uphold the constitutional rights of the members of its bargaining unit is a failure.” 

Americans for Fair Treatment is a nonprofit that advocates for restoring the First Amendment in the public sector. The group also keeps tabs on how government unions spend member dues on politics compared to representational activities.

You can read the full article here.

Americans for Fair Treatment

Americans for Fair Treatment is a free, membership, non-profit organization designed to help public sector workers exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of coercion from unions.