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AFFT in The Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: US Postal Service is accused of sharing private information from 68 million households that applied for free Covid-19 tests with labor unions that could potentially be used for their political campaigns

Americans for Fair Treatment Interim CEO Elisabeth Messenger was quoted by The Daily Mail on a groundbreaking story:

AFFT CEO Elisabeth Messenger told DailyMail.com she fears that if passed to unions by USPS, the data could be used for political campaigning.

‘The unions have done an incredible job of gathering data in the past, getting union members’ boots on the ground to door knock and be available for political candidates.

‘Many AFFT members left their union because they saw how Big Labor abused its power by sharing union members’ data and money with progressive political candidates.

‘This would be the freshest, most accurate data you could get, no one is going to put a fake address. People really wanted these Covid tests, so they gave the most accurate information.’

Messenger said that since she filed the information request, the post office started using the same small print when customers make purchases online and at stores.

‘If you bought stamps or mailed packages during Christmas at any kiosk inside the post office, that language also came up,’ the nonprofit chief said.

‘It seems a strange coincidence the USPS would expand a union-friendly privacy policy to include all purchases made at USPS.com and in post offices just in time for the busy holiday season.

‘Why is our nation’s post office sharing information with a private organization that has been defined as political by the Supreme Court? That is troublesome.’

You can read the full article here.

Americans for Fair Treatment

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