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These midterm spending numbers will shock you

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When it comes to 2022 midterm election spending, the numbers are staggering.
Campaign contributions are expected to top $9.3 billion, and spending by outside groups is record-breaking for a midterm election at $1.3 billion.
Much of this money and support is coming from Big Labor, specifically unions representing government employees.
Four government unions – AFSCMEAFTNEA, and SEIU – together donate tens of millions of dollars each year to the Political Action Committees (PACs) that make up those $1.3 billion in outside expenditures.
These unions take money from their members all over the country to fund political races in completely different states, far removed from the employees they supposedly represent.
On top of the documented spending, unions spend their time and resources to support politicians. Just this week and days before the election, New York State Public Employee Federation held a convention—paid for by member dues money—that felt more like a campaign rally for Democrats than anything else.
Big Labor is one of the largest and most powerful special interest groups in the country, and they have become a training ground for progressive activists who have used their influence to push the Democratic Party to the left.
Unions have even targeted moderate Democrats in primary elections, both by funding progressive organizations who target moderates or by promoting left-leaning candidates who take on moderate Democrats through the union-funded Working Families Party.
By pushing Democrats to the left on economic and social issues, unions and other progressive activists have left the party out of step with many voters.
It doesn’t look like Biden or other Democrats will push back on the union’s power over their party anytime soon. If anything, Biden is focused on ways to increase their power over the political left. He also recognizes that it was partially because of union money that he was elected president in the first place.
“You’re a gigantic reason why I’m standing here—standing here today as your President,” he said in remarks to the AFL-CIO. “I really mean it. I owe you.”

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Isabel Blank

Isabel Blank is Communications Director at Americans for Fair Treatment, a community of current and former public-sector employees offering resources and support to exercise their First Amendment rights. Prior to joining Americans for Fair Treatment in 2021, Isabel worked in media relations at Travelers Insurance and held government affairs and communications roles with Yankee Institute. She has a master’s degree in public administration and a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish, both from the University of Connecticut (Go Huskies!). Isabel loves Crossfit and supporting her local Connecticut breweries.