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AFFT in Chalkboard Review: Pennsylvania Teachers Vote to Kick Union Out of Their School

Americans for Fair Treatment CEO David Osborne was featured in Chalkboard Review:

“It’s extremely rare to see teachers win against a powerful union like PSEA, which dominates schools across Pennsylvania,” David Osborne, who is the CEO of Americans for Fair Treatment, and currently representing the teacher who asked for the election to oust the union, said in a press release. “But it shouldn’t be that way – PSEA rarely delivers on its promises to teachers and should be held accountable. Because the odds are stacked against employees and in favor of union officials in so many ways, it takes a concerted effort to do what’s right. The teachers at Westinghouse are fighters; they overcame a lot to get here.”

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Americans for Fair Treatment

Americans for Fair Treatment is a free, membership, non-profit organization designed to help public sector workers exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of coercion from unions.