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AFFT in The Epoch Times: Moms for Liberty Takes on the NEA ‘K-12 Cartel’

Data from Americans for Fair Treatment was featured in The Epoch Times:

Data compiled by Americans for Fair Treatment shows the NEA spends more on “political activities and lobbying” than it does on “employee benefits” or “representational activities.” According to the April 2022 report, 17.6 percent of the NEA’s spending went to “political activities and lobbying.” According to Open Secrets, the NEA spent $2,720,000 on lobbying in 2021. So far for 2022, the NEA has spent $730,000 on lobbying.

In the meantime, the NEA spent only 15.1 percent on employee benefits and a mere 8.6 percent on representational activity.

Read the full article here.

Americans for Fair Treatment

Americans for Fair Treatment is a free, membership, non-profit organization designed to help public sector workers exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of coercion from unions.