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Greg Hartnett: Passionate Art Teacher Who Holds American Values Deer

He’s deathly quiet in the tall grass—but makes his voice heard in the classroom.

AFFT member Greg Hartnett from Indiana, PA is a K-6 art teacher for the Homer-Center school district. He’s also the founder of the high school sportsmen’s club—and has shared his passion for hunting whitetails with dozens of young people.

Greg switched to the teaching profession after a long career in disability services because he knows the importance of passing American values to the next generation. As the eponymous plaintiff in Hartnett v. PSEA, he’s faced the intolerance of the teachers’ union—and he contrasts it with the openness and integrity that make America great.

“My father-in-law, who is now 93, is one of my mentors who has taught me a ton about patience, perseverance, endurance, and appreciation for the wonders of God’s creation,” Greg says. “He is the one who first urged me to explore the great Pennsylvania heritage of hunting—and the values he taught me are the ones I have passed on to our club members these last seven years.”

The club motto? “Integrity in the woods.”

To train up better sportsmen and citizens, Greg invites speakers to share their life experiences and organizes community service events for the members.

When it comes to changing the world, Greg takes the long view—both through his rifle scope and through his teaching. “My students, my five kids, and now my grandchildren are America’s future,” he points out. “I’m teaching art, but even more importantly, I’m teaching character.”

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