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Member Spotlight: Rob Brough

“I’m a teacher, just like both my parents. And I became one because of the teachers I had—especially my college advisor, who cared about me enough to complete my father’s work and prepare me to stand in front of a classroom.”

That’s Rob Brough, AFFT member from Ellwood City who teaches 7th grade Reading and Senior High History. He’s been a strong supporter of teachers’ right to choose ever since he was a plaintiff in the Hartnett v. PSEA case.

In 2017, Rob started a new adventure by running for Ellwood City Council. His platform—to rein in “out of control” spending—found purchase with voters, and he was elected in November of that year. The experience has had its ups and downs, Rob says:

“I figured if I could view the issues from the inside I could have a better understanding of how to approach them. By now I have had several meaningful changes to local law enacted by the Borough Council, but I have also had several ideas or motions defeated. What is important is that the process was pure and that the ideas of our Republic were upheld regardless of the outcome.”

Rob is living proof that teachers shouldn’t be afraid to exit their comfort zone and to put words into action. Whether that means serving on local government, joining an advisory board, or signing on to a lawsuit, Rob believes that to fully participate you must be willing to participate fully.

Americans for Fair Treatment

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