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Showing our appreciation for teachers

To help you celebrate the teachers who are very much missing their students over these weeks of isolation, we created two ways to show your appreciation: a Facebook frame and coloring pages.

Our colleague Keith Williams shared a few thoughts with us about the significance of this week for him as a former teacher:

Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, and as someone who taught for over 20 years, I need to let you in on a little secret. Teachers desperately miss their kids. Today, some of my former students are doctors and diesel mechanics. Some are teachers and coaches themselves. And some are 30-year-old, minivan-driving special forces veterans, but they all know they’re still my kids. Whether I taught, coached, or mentored them in homeroom, each of my former students is still one of my crew, no matter how much time has passed. And I miss each of them.

My guess is that you have a teacher out there who feels the same way about you. And if you have kids, there’s a teacher out there who misses them right now, too.

Americans for Fair Treatment

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