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Resources for teachers and parents during the coronavirus shutdown

Boy, the world changed fast in half a week. 

We know some of you might be home from work for a while, wondering what to do with school-aged kids. Thankfully, great resources are mushrooming all over the internet. For this reason, we’re reposting this blog from Free to Teach with several resources on how to educate and entertain kids for the next few weeks:

The folks at National School Choice Week have compiled an impressive list of 37 platforms and resources for teachers who are shifting their teaching online.

Tinybop Schools is a STEM learning platform that was voted best EdTech of 2019 by Common Sense Education. It is usually free for one month, but the website is extending the offer until the end of the school year. 

Pinna is an audiobook, podcast, and music service for kids. The service has extended its free trial for 60 days with the code PINNA4KIDS. 

So much for structured learning. What about other types of activities to occupy kids’ time?

TonoLatino has a list of daily schedules for kids, learning games, and other fun resources from sites like National Geographic and Seussville.

We Are Teachers offers 12 hands-on activities that families can do together.

And over at The Federalist, a seasoned homeschooling mom offers five tips for filling your kids’ day and handling unscheduled time.

Finally, if you’re trying to keep track of school closures, EdWeek has a handy and frequently updated map of country and general coverage of how coronavirus is affecting public education.

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