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St. Tammany Teachers Have a Choice!

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Having challenges with your teachers union? We speak to teachers every day who feel like their voices aren’t heard, or who don’t want to give money to organizations that are hostile to their beliefs. Louisiana is no exception to these issues.

Your union is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which spend millions of dollars of your dues money on progressive politics.

Want to reach us by phone? Call us at (833) 969-3247 or Text us at (412) 282-3214

Here’s what you should know:

  • Union membership is not mandatory for public school teachers.
  • Leaving the union does not affect your benefits! Your health and dental insurance, retirement funds, salary, contract, tenure and other benefits are all safe, regardless of whether you’re in the union or not.
  • Non-union teacher associations, like A+PEL, can provide liability insurance and other benefits at a fraction of the cost. (Keep reading to see how AFFT can provide you with a scholarship!)

You are not alone. Our team is here to help! Fill out the form to get connected with one of our team members.

In addition to helping you to resign your union membership, AFFT offers a robust membership program. As a member of AFFT, you will receive discounts at thousands of national and local retailers, networking opportunities, professional development opportunities such as scholarships or exclusive seminars, a legal consultation, and a platform to share your voice with the support of experts who will help you craft your message. You can apply to become an AFFT member here!

AFFT is currently partnering with A+PEL to offer scholarships for membership. If you sign up for a free membership with AFFT, we will offer you a one-year fully paid scholarship for your membership to A+PEL.

This scholarship pays for full membership for one year and provides benefits such as comprehensive legal coverage, meeting and networking with fellow educators, taking professional development courses, or working on certification. You can read more about what an A+PEL membership includes here.

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