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Connecticut teachers deserve better.

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Having challenges with your teachers union? We speak to teachers every day who feel like their voices aren’t heard, or who don’t want to give money to organizations that are hostile to their beliefs. And Connecticut is no exception to these issues.

Want to reach us by phone? Call us at (833) 969-3247

Here’s what you should know:

  • Union membership is no longer mandatory for public school teachers.
  • Leaving the union does not affect your pension, salary, contract, tenure or benefits.
  • Non-union teacher associations can provide liability insurance and other benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Timing matters! Connecticut Education Association said teachers have to cancel their membership by August 31st–it could be more challenging to cancel your membership outside of that window.

Our team is here to help. Fill out the form to get connected with one of our team members.

Why Opt Out?

The decision on whether to become or remain a union member is a highly personal and important one. For a few things to consider, please review our page here.

Who represents me after I resign from my union?

For more information, please review our page here.

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